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2014: In a happy place

It’s been over a year I posted anything on my blog. I have been pretty busy doing a whole lot of stuff but I don’t think that’s a good reason to ignore something I once loved and still love- my blog.

2014 was (and still is) a great year. I have had the most memorable times of my life. The year kicked off well and yes I have pictures to show for it which will be included in this post.

I am thinking that rather than post pictures about how amazing and fantastic this year has been, I should write about the lessons and experiences I gathered… on second thought, maybe not all but some.

Key lessons.
It’s never bad to say no- people will have their opinion of you anyway.
Always read between the line- things are not always what they appear to be.
Always say yes to opportunities- when you do, examine it properly and if it’s worth it, take it and if it’s not, let it go.
You owe yourself the best in life- nobody else does.
Be careful of the kind of friends you keep- some are just there to run you down.
Speak less: listen more- silence is golden and yeah, this works all the time.
Don’t ever think you don’t have a choice- it’s just the opposite of what you are planning to do.
Beware of the wrong decisions that pose like opportunities they look good very very good and glittering, some pose as the rich and influential person it seems you need to make all your dreams come true… all lies. There are no genies in this world, so wake up.
You made a mistake and goofed really bad? Get over it and continue moving or better still, stay again.
Dreams do come through… always!
If you can dream it, see it, imagine it, it can come to pass- that’s one truth that cannot be denied.
Depression is real. Get help if you notice the symptoms no I never suffered from one.
Have a passion- it will drive you.

Be a Christian- You need God in your life more than you think.
Learn to connect the rope backwards- it sometimes gives a better description of what the present is.
Enjoy every bit of your life- simple.
Your only confidant should be God- not man.
Be awesome at whatever you do- I mean you have to be the best.
Never compare your life with anyone- their life might just be so crappy.
The fact that someone else has something you wish you had does not mean you need it- if it’s meant to be yours, it will come…in it’s time.
If you are not comfortable about something, don’t go through with it- taking a few minutes to decide if it’s worth it or not is not bad at all.
Fulfillment is key- not all the stuff they parade on TV.
Social media can be a distraction- or should I say it is a distraction? you tell me.
If you don’t have a dream, create one- watch it come to pass.
Make the best out of every opportunity – don’t ever let one go to waste.

Ok am done….for now 🙂 Some of my favorite pictures of 2014 are on Instagram.
Check them out here


Keep Moving!

Hellooooooooooooooooooo. . . I am very excited to finally post on my blog. . Yaaay. .. I missed uuuuu….  Basically, I have been up to alot of stuffs. So, this post is going to be a rather different one because I am in the mood to just share my thoughts with you.
Some months ago, I co- hosted a fashion show called Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week in Lagos, Nigeria and it was fuuuun. Here is the picture..


I also host and co- organise an entertainment show called Talents at Gidi (t@ g) which is a project close to my heart.


Here is the thing, life always presents you with opportunities and its your responsibility to take advantage of every one of them. You know, there are times that things look bleak and you wonder what you want to do next but the truth is there is always a way forward.  All you have to do is look within and talk to God. He will always direct you.  This year I got the opportunity to travel to Ghana( West Africa) and my experience there made me realize that there are alot of young people doing big things and I got motivated to do more .
Here is my two cents : whatever you are doing, do it well. Life is full of choices- make the right ones. Be adventurous. Be very observant. Act fast . Trust God only. Be careful what you say to people, on twitter, facebook, instragram etc. Never limit yourself. Move on fast from regrets.  Life is too interesting to spend any minute unhappy. Not everybody is going to love you- leave with that. Keep your true friends close and the fake friends faaaar. When you find love, never let it go. Everyone is watching you- make it a good one. Help people. Give to people. Do not believe everything you hear and see. Be happy always. Never be attached to anything. Love your life and live your life. Do not commit suicide or contemplate it. You are not going through half as worse things  than the other person on the street is going through- so be brave and face it well cos in the end you would be glad you did.
Xoxo * in gossip girl’s voice *
Merceeo :*

How to know if a guy likes you


Have you ever wondered if a guy likes you? In this episode of Merceeo youtube channel,watch as Yemi Obamedo and her Indian friend Ankit reveal this secret by dishing out 5 real life tips to knowing if he does and watch as Artik tell us how her asked his beautiful girlfriend out. Guys need to learn from this trust me.*wink* Enjoy!

A Poem for Mama

mother day pic

Happy mother’s day to all the spicy mamas all over the world. Mothers are amazing. Without them, there will be no world. You deserve to take out today to celebrate yourself our dear mothers. Here is a short poem just for you. Enjoy 🙂

My Mother.
So they pick a day for me to revere and LOVE YOU…
A day to place nothing ABOVE YOU…
How can I do this for 24 HOURS?
I don’t think I can really… Not even if I had super POWERS.

But maybe if I at least had that, I would lift the earth out of orbit and offer it to you as a GIFT

And just hope that it puts that required smile on your face… Hope that it gives you joy and that adequate LIFT

Because I cannot bare the imagination of what the world would be without you. There’d be no PEACE, no BEAUTY, no RACE, no POLITICS, no struggle to be above EQUAL…

Basically no PEOPLE

Just an arid waste of SPACE

And no matter how much peril the world may seem to be in now, I still see hope for it when I look at your FACE

So this day, I thank you for all you have done for me and the WORLD

I want to tell you, you are my jewel… My PEARL

Without you, there would be no ME

I love and appreciate you dear MAMA

I know there will never be ANOTHER….

Another like you; my MOTHER

(Poem by J.magic and Yemi Obamedo)

N:B- This article originally appeared on www.myspice.tv and was written by YEMI OBAMED.

How to know if she is not into you

she likes me… she likes me not… she likes me…. I know how it feels when you are not sure if the person your are into is really into you. Not to worry Merceeo highlights some interesting tips to know if the lady you like is into you. Enjoy 🙂

Love Your Life

Hellooooooo 🙂 omg its been veeeeeeryyyyy long…. I missed you soo much and I sincerely apologize for my long “vacation”. The good news is am BACK, BETTER and ROCKING 🙂 In today’s post, i just want to say there is nothing as important as loving and appreciating yourself truthfully.

I stumbled upon this cake and totally loved it, so I thought it will be a good way to welcome me back lol 🙂

Love your life; Live your life 🙂


N:B– The photo in this post is not mine.

Lets go blonde:Tipped out

The photos+tutorial= the beauty department
I am not blonde but trust me am loooooving this fun rainbow hued hair from the beauty department and woulda tried it if I were blonde 🙂

What do you think?

Photography: I am in love with pictures

Heloooo 🙂

I am a huge lover of photography and breathe taking ones to be precise. So, when I stumbleupon what I call a masterpiece, all I could say was ooooo my God this is BEAUTIFUL 🙂

I don’t know so much about the photographer but you can check them out if you wish on instantshift.com Trust me this is just soo lovely. I am majorly dazed by the creativity behind each shot. I will like to know your favourite one 🙂

I will like to know your favourite 🙂

The images in this post are courtesy of  instantshift.com