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A Poem for Mama

mother day pic

Happy mother’s day to all the spicy mamas all over the world. Mothers are amazing. Without them, there will be no world. You deserve to take out today to celebrate yourself our dear mothers. Here is a short poem just for you. Enjoy 🙂

My Mother.
So they pick a day for me to revere and LOVE YOU…
A day to place nothing ABOVE YOU…
How can I do this for 24 HOURS?
I don’t think I can really… Not even if I had super POWERS.

But maybe if I at least had that, I would lift the earth out of orbit and offer it to you as a GIFT

And just hope that it puts that required smile on your face… Hope that it gives you joy and that adequate LIFT

Because I cannot bare the imagination of what the world would be without you. There’d be no PEACE, no BEAUTY, no RACE, no POLITICS, no struggle to be above EQUAL…

Basically no PEOPLE

Just an arid waste of SPACE

And no matter how much peril the world may seem to be in now, I still see hope for it when I look at your FACE

So this day, I thank you for all you have done for me and the WORLD

I want to tell you, you are my jewel… My PEARL

Without you, there would be no ME

I love and appreciate you dear MAMA

I know there will never be ANOTHER….

Another like you; my MOTHER

(Poem by J.magic and Yemi Obamedo)

N:B- This article originally appeared on www.myspice.tv and was written by YEMI OBAMED.