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How to know if a guy likes you

Have you ever wondered if a guy likes you? In this episode of Merceeo youtube channel,watch as Yemi Obamedo and her Indian friend Ankit reveal this secret by dishing out 5 real life tips to knowing if he does and watch as Artik tell us how her asked his beautiful girlfriend out. Guys need to learn from this trust me.*wink* Enjoy!


I just saw this just now and I sooo love it 🙂 So I thought to share it with you 🙂 I hope you love it.

Parisien Nights, Parisien Lights

For those of us floating in the northern hemisphere, it’s annual break-out-the-bikini time but not all of us are cheering and I don’t blame the ones who moaned. I mean, prancing around in a bathing suit is pretty scary, especially with all those people “watching”, who wouldn’t feel a least a bit self conscious?

But come on, let’s get rid of that. Life’s too short and opportunities only come once right. I used to be so horrified of the bikini, I just always felt like there were people staring, judging. It made me feel uncomfortable, hell, I still feel a bit uncomfortable but I’ve learnt now to cope with it.

I hope you like this post because honestly, its just the 7 things that’s helped me over the years and don’t worry, I’m still getting there but they definitely help. Try to be uncynical 🙂 Please?


  1. The Cliche Is True

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Truth be told

To be a nation builder is not an easy task. One has to be courageous and focus but also must have the right kind of people around who either share the same idea of vision or future with you. Truthfully, making up one’s mind to be the change in an environment like Nigeria is not easy. This is because in this nation, we have people who are corrupt,people who once had a dream of a better Nigeria but lost it, people who have debased themselves to accepting what they have been offered, people who are scared of what might happen if they act right, people who have refused to believe in the future, people who lost hope,people who have let their present financial situation rob them of the future they could have had,people who have allowed their background put their back on the ground, People who have let their physical disability rob them of their right,people who have let the present ills of the society subdue and depress them from taking actions to cause a change in the nation.

Truth be told, Nigeria can only be built by Nigerians.

 Have you decided to be the change and nation builder? Have you personally developed yourself by investing in your personality?

Just having “mega ideas” will not change the nation but “action” brings about the change.


yipee………………… 1st official post .

I am very excited to official lauch my 1st post on .Today’s post is going to be short cause its my  thank you post to all those who made my 2011 rock and to those who as a result of their presence in my life made it splendid. In my next post,i am going to disclose the names of these special people. Till then, keep loving your life. xxxxx