Amazing facts about sleep

Heyooo :-) I know its been a long while I have stopped by. This is because I have been restructuring stuvs that has to do with me. But hey, am back :-) . When I was much younger I used to wonder what happens when I sleep. Seriously, I  was so fascinated by it. When I see people sleep, i wonder whats going on in there.  I was so curious and asked a few people but stopped asking cos some people started thinking I was weird lol :-D Little did I know that one of my innermost questions would soon be answered.  I recently stumbled on a fantastic piece and was like yaaaaaaaay :-D gotcha :-)  This is cos I could relate with it well and I think am more of a sleep position “a” and “c” LOL ;-D

I really would love to know if you ever wondered what happens when you are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz asleep :-)

Enjoy :-)

Live your life cos its yours :-)

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