How to turn your DREAMS into REALITIES.

In life there are choices to make. Tough ones. But your ability to stick and fight and win is what’s gonna count at the end of the day. Trust me. I have learnt to write my thoughts down. I have learnt to write my dreams down and planwith it  and fix a timeline on it to make is a target and to make it





T-time bound

Its good to have a dream and wish for the world to give you a chance to show them what you have to offer, truth is nobody is gonna give you that time. You have to show them what you have to offer,not ask them to give you the time. Truth is everbody is bothered about themselves not you.  People want to help when they see that you have something real and physical they can invest in. Lets take for example, that you have a plan to own a business empire in  future. The usual way people will go about his is to meet someone who has money and say I have a dream to build a business empire in  future and I want you to give me money to build this empire. In this situation, it does not matter how old you are. What matters is dat you are sleeping and you need to wake up from this dream early enough before its too late. The possible answer the person will give you is sorry I can’t do that or WAKE UP (actually that’s what I will say)!  The best approach in life is to dream,plan and go for it.

In this situation what I usually do is this:

  • When I have a dream, I write it down (I do this because I might forget how it was the first time I saw it either in my dream or day dreaming or day thinking.)
  • Then I write down like a child how I intend to turn this dream into a reality.(mind you this is very important because it helps you let out your creativity. When you write like a child, you don’t see impossibilities. All you see is possibilities and you just want to start achieving it)
  • Then I put a timeline to this dream of mine and it becomes my target.(this is very important because at this time it seizes to be a dream or just a wish . Its now a target. My target !

Then I start! Here no more plans. I bring out the note I wrote like a child and start  acting.

Let me give you a more physical example. I want to own a fashion empire. Using my philosophy:  I would write it down like a child somewhat like this

To own my fashion house, I have to have money and experience and contacts in the fashion industry. So I ll start by working in a fashion house as an apprentice and attend fashion shows to make contacts in the fashion industry. I will have to start making my own designs and show my friends and create a blog were I would showcase my designs for the world to see.

Truth is, sooner or later,the dream you once had would now have colours and more of something you can touch and connent the dots backwards and see you progress..

Then  I will put a timeline to this dream. Lets say 5 years from now.

Then I ACT!  I Start by applying for the job of an pprentice in a fashion.

Note:Always go back to your “IMAGINATION BOOK”. You will be amazed how you are coincediately walking in line with plans. But if you are not, you have to stop and retrace your steps.

This has worked for me over time and its still working for me. This philosophy was handed to me many years ago by my best friend.  I just thought to share it with you. I hope you find it highly useful as I found it useful.

Live your life ; Love your life 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to turn your DREAMS into REALITIES.

  1. This is really inspiring and so true… I like the SMART principle and i am ready to put that to work to better output in my work.. Thumbs up Dear..

  2. This is beautiful my dear.. utterly beautiful. i thought you always wanted a media house…lol. Thank you for sharing your ideas. All the best.

  3. Very interesting piece.

    The part i love the most is ACT!

    Too often we get so trapped in the planning and sourcing for funds stage we fail to actually do something (there’s a term for this – analysis paralysis). A simple principle I learned is to do this: “Make as many mistakes as often as possible, but never make the same one twice. Before long, you’d run out of them.”

    It’s debatable but at least, it works for me.

    1. Thank you 🙂 As regards making alot of mistakes and learning from them, I think it kinda helps at times. But like you said,its debatable. Thanks luv 🙂

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