ADVENTURE: My Lokoja experience….

I woke up this morning feeling adventurous and then I remembered something I did…..

One day a long time ago. I woke up and said I wanted to travel to Lokoja. Mind you I have never been there before. I planned my trip and travelled the next day:-)  I decided 2 go by bus so I could  see everything with my eyes. Mind you this trip was over seven hours. Imagine seven hours sitting with your***. Trust me when I stood up, I could barely walk. lol. Counting the hours started to feel like I have been in the bus for days.I saw mountains and trees and people. Seriously, what was I supposed to see? lol .. Just thought I show you some of the pictures I was able to take before I slept off …LOL

Am sorry about the low quality of the pictures


I think this is somewhere around Akure,Nigeria.


When we got here, I was like yippee! Cos I finally got to exercise my aching body lol


I really don’t know were this is…*smiling*


Who takes pictures from the back of the bus??


The villagers were chilling and having a good time…

Who knows…. the next adventure might just be to Paris *wink*

Live your life; Love your life 🙂

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7 thoughts on “ADVENTURE: My Lokoja experience….

  1. Lol Yemi this is Futa experience not lokoja anyway it was really nice to know u toured to lokoja to feed your eyes weldone great tourist no worry your next tour will be paris or disney land have a great time in your in next trip I can come with you to Paris or Disney land

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