Truth be told

To be a nation builder is not an easy task. One has to be courageous and focus but also must have the right kind of people around who either share the same idea of vision or future with you. Truthfully, making up one’s mind to be the change in an environment like Nigeria is not easy. This is because in this nation, we have people who are corrupt,people who once had a dream of a better Nigeria but lost it, people who have debased themselves to accepting what they have been offered, people who are scared of what might happen if they act right, people who have refused to believe in the future, people who lost hope,people who have let their present financial situation rob them of the future they could have had,people who have allowed their background put their back on the ground, People who have let their physical disability rob them of their right,people who have let the present ills of the society subdue and depress them from taking actions to cause a change in the nation.

Truth be told, Nigeria can only be built by Nigerians.

 Have you decided to be the change and nation builder? Have you personally developed yourself by investing in your personality?

Just having “mega ideas” will not change the nation but “action” brings about the change.


11 thoughts on “Truth be told

  1. Great article dear. The more we condemn our country, the more she goes down the drain because WE ARE our country. We keep talking and focusing on the problems we face rather than thinking about solutions to them. The change needs to begin from every individual, change your attitude and change the nation.

  2. I completely agree! As a matter of fact, I took some time to carry my own assessment on the state of the nation and I realize there so many avenues for progressive change.

    I did however pinpoint like three major areas for change: Food, Clothing and Shelter.

    On feeding, one could organize (or partner with individuals) soup kitchens and the likes for their local communities.

    Clothing is the easiest, because it is the most easily accessible resource (old clothes). Local churches, mosques and companies are plausible channels to make this happen.

    Shelters on the other hand, can be quite tricky but not impossible. You may not be able to build accommodation for every homeless person out there but you can discover and be involved in volunteer projects for such endeavors.

    Finally, it would cost nothing to keep thinking and building roadmaps to improve the state of the nation. Who knows? Government can take up your own initiative and make things happen. Let’s just see how far we as individuals can take this effort.

  3. Wow this is inspiring and eye opening for us all we youth of this generation is urge us to make up our mind to live right and be good ambassadors of our beloved country the future belongs to U and me
    By making up our minds to do only the rite thing regardless of any Obstacle we have a much more better world to live in and generation behind can carry on the legacy
    Thanks a lot Yemi for this great forum

  4. Thanks for commenting on this post. you can also subscribe to get alerts when a new post arrives and you can like this blog and follow this blog. Thanks a bunch guyz. It feels great to know you care about Nigeria. Get ready for more inspiring,educative and entertaining post. and mind you this is blog covers areas of fashion,lifestyle,career,photography,religion,education,food *yummy*,and more interesting stuvs:) so fasten you seat belt….lol

  5. Nice insight, Changing the situation of our country is gonna take a combined effort from everybody. One of our major problem is corruption, if that can be solved, then I see us moving forward.

  6. Have not seen Sport forum o….Munich – Chelsea) lol.

    Speaking on ish with Nigeria hasn’t just been said as at when posted really but kudos for bringing it up again. Enough talking and let’s start acting..
    Initiate one and others will come rolling out..

    I believe we are all potential PMs…

  7. I think the issue with Nigeria is a thing of vision; it is totally impossible to run a country based on comparism it can never work,we have to know what works for us and what we actually want before we even act because it appears we’ve been acting amiss over the years.
    We need to set new bee-spoke goals for ourselves,more like what was done in Brazil,india and other emerging giants,the painful thing is that we’ve all the ingredients we just need proper chanelling and that where vision comes in.

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